In essence I’m a storyteller –
my camera serves as my pen and paper, my pictures serve as words
and in this site I hope to find the bonfire around which I can acquaint you with my tales
Dr. Arie Erlich

The first time I took pictures with a camera when I was six years old [6] was my father’s camera. My curiosity about both- the product and the camera itself was enormous from the moment I first saw this incredible machine… the opportunity was not long in coming, and when they tried to convince me to go to first grade – I got what I wanted… the permission to take pictures with the camera was the happy result.

Since then, the camera has been by my side continuously. I mainly photograph landscapes, including people, music shows, and studio shots. Hundreds of thousands of photographs, over hundreds of different locations and times, on dozens of other subjects – tell a story of a path.

For me, every photo should tell a story. A good photograph tells an exciting story to its viewers – a different story for every viewer.

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